Mourinho Chelsea first signed completed! About 20000000 will join a kiss

Borrow Barack farewell match Mourinho finalized xuerle (right)

The first sign personally finalized

In the British media speculation over Mourinho in the Chelsea will buy what person, who has done the first sign of lightning! The German international Hulle has removed the last obstacle, will be officially announced. thailand football shirts

The German "kicker" report, Chelsea and Leverkusen have finally reached a final agreement, the blues to 20000000 euros ($17000000) to buy a schurrle, and no additional loan Kevin de bruyne terms. Hulle and Chelsea signed a five year contract. football shirts thailand

Hulle's father chochim - Hulle told the German "express" official confirmation, the son decided to Chelsea. "Now I expected, will play at the Chelsea new season of my sons." And xuerle agent confirms, Germany attacker landing Chelsea "has no obstacle". football shirts from thailand

Chelsea bought a schurrle negotiations, in the Mourinho white began before, but once the two sides into stalemate, even talks foundered, the main obstacle is the requirements of Leverkusen on loan, and de bruyne, thailand football kit Belgian starlet just want to go to Dortmund. The sudden agreement, Mourinho may have played a role, in the Barack game, he (the world star team coach) and Leverkusen manager Voller (Barack friend coach) conducted secret dialogue, is the theme of Hulle's transfer, finally, the price is $17000000, lower than the prior to the British media disclosure 22000000 pounds, and Leverkusen also agreed not to ask to rent the de bruyne. Behind the transaction smoothly finalized, will be Mourinho's "charm" role, is also an important factor, Leverkusen to find a replacement for Hulle, "kicker" disclosure, the team to 10000000 euros to sign Hamburg star Sun Xingmin. thailand football shirt

Andrea, Xu erlei was born in November 6, 1990, 22 years old this year, the main location is two striker or winger, also played the center. One of his outstanding characteristic is long distance in the back of the sprint ability, in addition to physical fitness, speed and enthusiasm are very outstanding. But there are also German reporters think, xuerle play more selfish, more willing to shot himself, as he can smoothly into the Chelsea and the English Premier League, still need time to test. football kits thailand

Hulle's arrival, to another Germany's Chelsea and not the good news, position and style close to Marco Marin, possibly to the verge.